Welcome Burners!

To receive your 10%-20% discount
you MUST order all items from the Burner Discount page.

If you order from the wrong page, we can't do anything about it after the fact.

You can always tell that you're on the burner page because the prices will be listed
showing both an original price crossed out and the new discount price in bold.
For example:

Prices on the Default World page:

item#: PB0-XX

Prices on the Burner Discount page:

item#: PB0-XX
price: $39.60

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us before you order

To proceed to the Burner Discount Order Page

enter the Discount Code here:

Then click the submit button:

Burner discount prices are subsidized by regular sales.
As with BM tickets, we request that you pay at the level you are able.
If your pockets are deep and you don't need the discount, please order from the Default World page.

Thanks for all the dusty love and support!!